The Official Homepage of the NUTWNLG

National Union of The Wednesday Night League of Gentlemen (or Guinness Drinkers)


The Union is based in the sunny, if not wet, climes of Rossendale in Lancashire.  It holds its weekly ( weakly ) meeting in the Robin Hood Inn in the sleepy hamlet of Helmshore.

The idea of the union is to preserve the rights of all members to go drinking with their mates without the wives, girlfriends, boyfriends or inflatable aliens tagging along for the ride. This strange concept allows frank discussions of a wide range of topics, including beer, nuts, various flavours of crisps and of course the ladies netball team.

So who is in this Wednesday night club ? Well of course there is me, but there is other stuff about me on this site, so I won't bore you now, there is Andy Hill, John Francis, Dave Shaw and Steve Chapman.

Andrew Hill

Mr Bouncy

The mad mountain biker of the group. He rides down things on a mountain bike faster than I could fall down them. A dedicated Guinness drinker who is partial to the odd bag of ready salted crisps. Married to the very understanding Kirsti who has strangely agreed to be mother to his offspring. They have two lovely daughter called Elly and Issy.

John Francis


Another mad cyclist. I've followed him in too many sprints to ever be in front of him. That's my excuse for never taking my turn at the front and I'm sticking to it. Made the mistake of moving away from the area and now has to drive to the pub. AKA Shandy. Married to Trish with one of each child, Michael and Holly. He is also a pretty fair cook and a sickeningly good artist. Has just bought a baby grand piano that no one can play (except Dave Shaw)

Dave Shaw

Little Dave

Don't let this man hold your wallet for you as he has a habit of losing them. We are told that he plays a few instruments, but he doesn't tell us where he's playing so we don't believe him. Actually he not only plays the fool but the Saxophone, Guitar and Piano. He tells us he is not very good then astounds us all at just how well he does play. It would seem that we have now converted him over to Guinness from being a L*$úr drinker.

Steve Chapman


The big bad biker ( all 5'5" of him ) who does a pretty fair Billy Conolly impression. Known for saying f*%$k every other word and would owe us all a fortune if we'd kept the swear box going. Hasn't really got the build for drinking the dark stuff but seems to be feeling the benefits of drinking 'Nuclear Brown'. Likes his nuts dry roasted. Also likes a good drop of Irish Whiskey.


Big Dave

Member of the Institute of Advanced Motorcyclists and has the certificate to prove it. Famous for speedway style cornering, the most appalling taste in trousers and 'HATING THE WHOLE WORLD'. Will drink almost anything that's put in front of him, except nasty British lager and mass produced bitter. Had his pallet honed to a fine edge, (or ruined depending on how you look at it ) by spending too much time at CAMRA beer festivals. Also partial to a drop of Whisky/Whiskey and enjoys nothing more than visiting a few distilleries when up in Scotland.