Frozen Assets Tour 2002

Another year has been and gone and all I have to show for 2 weeks fun and games is an empty wallet and a new collection of bruises. At least I was not on my own this year and one of the new boys (and girls) Steve, decided he was going to try and break my record (and his collar bone) all on the last day. Personally I think he was after the sympathy vote. As it turns out his shoulder was still hurting 4 weeks after we got back so a trip to the doctors was in order. This lead to a trip to the hospital for some X-rays and it seems that my record wasn't all that he broke. It wasn't his collar bone but something around there. Hope your better soon Steve !

So how did the holiday really start off ? Rather unimpressively really. The first thing was an argument in the airport. Having been stuck in the things they laughingly call seats for more hours than I care to remember on previous trips, we decided to pay a bit extra to see if we could get myself and Mark some leg room during our long flight. It also provided us with a choice of meals or so we thought.

One of the weirdest but most exhilarating experiences was night skiing at Norquay. To be still out on the slopes as it gets darker and darker was something to witness. We all thought that we would be in for a quiet night out, but we were mistaken. It started out quite quiet, but rapidly filled up with snowboarders later on. This did spoil it a bit so we decided to go and get drunk, sorry have a drink or two instead. Due to a little mix up regarding ski passes earlier in the day, we also got a jug of beer free. What a wonderful place Canada is

SuperBowl Day

Ski Holiday 2002 Photos

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