Harry Quinn

The bike is a hand built 26" Harry Quinn made from Reynolds 531C tubing. It was delivered to me on December 24th 1980, which makes it around 20 years old. Harry Quinn The bike was originally kitted out with full Campagnolo equipment, but it has been slowly replaced over the years.
Chainset Shimano 600 with 53x39 chainrings and Look original Pedals. Not being the smallest or lightest of riders, I have replaced the bottom bracket 3 times.
Gears Simplex front and rear mech with a 13 to 24 threaded 5 speed back block.
Brakes Campagnolo Gran Sport early 80's vintage
Wheels Mavic Elan 27X1" rims fitted to Shimano 36 Hole small flange hubs with rustless spokes. They were originally my winter wheels as I used sprints and tubs during the summer. As the training got less and less there didn't seem much use in using tubs any more.
Other Equipment Basic Rolls saddle, 3TTT bars and stem, narrow section HP tires

Giant Terrago

The bike is a Giant Terrago mountain bike made from triple butted chrome molybdenum steel and now fitted with Marzocci Z5 suspension forks and an ahead set. Giant Terrago It was not easy to get a steel mountain bike as most are made from aluminum. I wanted steel because it is more durable in the long run and could be repaired if necessary.
Chainset Giant (Shimano compatible) fitted with a 42X32X24 triple chainrings.
Gears On this bike there is a Shimano SCR front mech and a Shimano LX rear mech. This is matched to Gripshift 8 speed shifters and a 12 to 24 8 speed back block giving a total of 24 gears. I would like to say that it was enough, but with the hills round here 42 would not be enough.
Brakes To stop this ( and all my weight ) I have fitted Shimano Diore V brakes. Very powerful and well worth the money.
Wheels Ridgida rims fitted to 36 Hole small flange Giant hubs with stainless double butted spokes spokes.
Other Equipment Selle Italia Black XO saddle

Concorde TSX

The bike is based around a 62cm Concorde frame made from Columbus TSX tubing. The TSX tubing is not made now, but can still be found in some places.Concorde TSX It seems to have built a very sturdy frame that is considerably stiffer than the old 531. I have not had the bike that long so I have not done many miles on it.
Chainset Campagnolo Mirage 52X42 Double Chainring. I prefer a 53X39 combination round here because there are too many hills.
Gears The front is a Campagnolo Daytona mech and the rear is a Campagnolo Mirage mech with a 12 to 24 9 speed back block.
Brakes Campagnolo Veloche
Wheels Mavic CX33 rims fitted to 36 Hole small flange Campagnolo Mirage hubs with stainless double butted spokes.
Other Equipment Selle Italia Blue XO saddle