Don't Dream it... Be it

Me and My Bikes
My name is David John Smith and I was born in St Helens in Lancashire on the 7th May 1962.  I am reliably informed that it was a glorious Monday morning.  After such a good start, it seems to have gone downhill from there.

After a pretty unimpressive academic career at school, I went to Keele University in 1988 as a mature student of 26, studying Geology and Computer Science. It was during this time that I found the meaning to life. As they say in the film 'City Slickers' you cannot be told what it is, you have to find it out for yourself. The only problem now is that I have to start looking again and it is not an easy job.

Before going to University, I had worked as a computer operator. It was a running joke that a trained monkey could do it. They were not far wrong. I swore that when I did my degree I would not have anything further to do with computers when I finished. That plan soon fell apart and I have now been a software engineer since 1996. I have changed around quite a bit during this time, some of which has been due to Kay's illness but mostly due to the bad judgement of starting work for companies that have recently been taken over. I am now looking for a bit of stability and am looking forward to working for a large organisation in Lancashire.

I also have an HND in Business Studies from Liverpool and a MSc in Environmental Biogeochemistry from Newcastle. Me Yes that is a bit of a mouthful but it was basically pollution control. Considering I did so badly at school I don't think I have done too bad in the end. I am tempted to go for the full set and get my Ph.D., but I'm not sure what I would do for it. Archaeology perhaps.

I am trying to learn to play the Saxophone at the moment. It is something I have wanted to do for quite some time and it is more difficult than I thought. It is not so much the actual playing but the ability to get a good tone out of the thing. I've also been surprised how difficult it is to develop a good embouchure

It's very difficult to write anything about myself without including how I feel about Kay. She was the major part of my life and you cannot imagine how much she changed me for the better. I never thought I would meet anyone who would allow the real me come out. I just hope I can honour her trust and remain true to myself. If I only remember one thing, that is to always be me.