Don't Dream it... Be it

Overlooking Rossendale Golf Club What are these pages all about ? You may well ask.

After my first attempt at web design, it was felt that a little more effort should be put in to the web site to produce a slightly better looking design.

As a formal introduction, my name is Dave Smith and I live in Rossendale in Lancashire. The first photos on this page are views of the area on a nice sunny day taken in the summer of 2000. Like most English people,in Rossendale we are totally obsessed with the weather. When it is good you would not want to live anywhere else in the world. When it is bad, it is one of the most miserable places on earth. There is one exception to this and that is when it has been snowing. Records for the area have noted 20ft drifts in the past, but we get nothing like that these days. I just feel that the snow just makes the place look even more beautiful than it already is. A few people have told me they like the photos, but it's difficult not to take a bad one with the scenery available.

I really love it round here and never get tired of looking out of my bedroom window. When the weather is bad it is difficult to see more than 100 yards, but it is glorious when the weather is good. If ever I go visiting my parents in the summer and have to sleep with the window open, I cannot get used to the noise of the road, with cars going past all the time. The most I have to worry about round here is the trickle of the stream or the noise of a few sheep in the field opposite.

Mussbury Tor So what's in the site ?

Well there is a bit about me and Kay and some stuff about the things I like doing. Such things include drinking too much Guinness on Wednesday nights, riding motorbikes far too fast ( only joking ocifer ), getting sweaty, totally out of breath and covered in mud. Oh I also like mountain biking as well.

There will be bits about the drinking club and maybe some in depth profiles of the people involved. There will be some photos, usually of a highly embarrassing nature and as much gossip as I can get away with.

Here are a few pictures from when it snows up here.

Snowy Mussbury Tor Usually the snow will fall during the night when the temperature drops and when it gets light this snow will turn to rain. This of course means that the snow is gone after a couple of hours, leaving us with a horrible slushy mess. But here it was cold enough to allow not only snow during the day, but also permitted us the pleasure of more glorious days like the ones in the photos.

As you can see we are very proud of where we live and just adore the countryside. Snowy Golf Course It is very special to be able to put your walking boots on at the front door and be in great outdoors in less than 10 minutes. The variety of walking is also very varied. It is possible to go from gentle terrain, walking round the reservoir to some quite severe scrambling. This countryside is also great for mountainbiking. It does depend somewhat on how fit you are, but there are some great tracks in the area.