My favorite time of the cycling year is July. Why ? Because it is time for the Tour De France. The greatest and toughest sporting event in the world. No other event can compare to 'Le tour'. Whether it is the severity of the race, the fitness of the riders or the amount of drugs they are taking. This sport does not do things by halves.

I own three bikes at the moment. ( Click the image to see a full spec )

  1. Hand Built Harry Quinn ( my first good road bike ).
    Harry Quinn
  2. Giant Terrago mountain bike ( now with Marzocci susp forks ).
    Giant Terrago
  3. Concorde TSX road bike ( the newest and fastest ).
    Concorde TSX

I am still planning to do a cycle ride from Stranraer in West Scotland across to Newcastle on the East coast of England in aid of Cancer Research