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The donor for this kit car is a Ford Escort MkII. The vehicle I bought had bee very kindly stripped by the previous owner who had the intention of rebuilding this 'wreck' to it's former glory. After getting everything out of the shell, he realised that the body was too far gone for his limited experience and so he looked for a dedicated individual to take over the reigns.Removing the wiring loom Instead this sucker came along with 95 burning a hole in his pocket and wanted something similar to use as a donor for a kit car. Steve very generously borrowed the company trailer and after a bit of grunting and groaning the car as you see it here was left abandoned on my drive. Well that's what my neighbours thought anyway.

The first thing I did was remover the wiring loom. That is what looks like black spaghetti with white flakes of Parmigiano on the floor (right). The white bits are labels telling me where all the bits connect to. I should have taken photos while stripping the car, but I forgot in the mad excitement of using an angle grinder for the first time and drilling holes in the bodywork just for the hell of it. I only wanted the mechanical bits under this knackered exterior so I didn't care what happened to the rest.

Once all the bits I needed had been removed, the shell was unceremoniously dumped on the back of a lorry and taken away. I'll swear I could hear people cheering !!!!! The mechanicals were not in as bad a condition as I had feared, so the long and sometimes arduous task of getting everything cleaned and reconditioned started in earnest. Rusty metal parts were sand and shot blasted then treated to several coats of Hammerite. Brakes and bearings were examined for wear and replaced if necessary.

Some of the bits I've taken off

The above picture is of the back axle after it has been sand blasted and painted in Hammerite. There is also the radiator and a box containing most of the other small bits.

The above picture is of the front brake calipers and the near side front stub axle.

The above picture contains some of the other bits taken off the car. It is just about possible to see the Differential, steering rack, sump, half shafts, starter motor and rocker cover

One of the major areas of work that I am unable to do is the engine. I do not have the facilities to perform a re bore, or make the cylinder head suitable for running on unleaded petrol, so these were shipped off to Weir St Engineers in Blackburn. They also saved me a lot of running around and could supply me with the majority of spares I would need to rebuild the engine. These included a full set of gaskets, new rocker shaft, refacing the rocker arms, new cam chain tensioner pad, pistons, rings, oil pump etc. Some of the bits that you can see in the photo opposite are the cam shaft (going to be replaced), the oil strainer (out of the sump), front and back bearing covers and the cam chain and tensioner.
This photo is again some of the remaining bits. You can clearly see the sump (big thing on left) and the diff ( smaller thing on right). There is the rocker cover and two half shafts and also a sterring rack. At least if I write all this down, I might actually remember what all the bits are and where they come from.

The photo below is of the rear drums.

The photo below is of the gear box part way through cleaning. It is in fact dumped in a tub of paraffin.

The one underneath this is a close up of the stub axle.
Rear Drums Gear Box Front Upright


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